Easy Kitchen Science Ideas Inspired by Children’s Books

The 2nd annual Storybook Science series is underway. For the first week, bloggers shared some great kitchen science ideas inspired by children’s books. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. Click on the picture of the book.

Check out this collection of kitchen science ideas inspired by children's book.

Easy Kitchen Science Ideas

Kitchen science uses everyday household supplies that you will often find in your kitchen. Food science, cooking, mixing up baking soda and vinegar, and exploring science concepts with water are just a few examples.

Listen to Archimedes and the Golden Crown and be inspired to conduct your own Archimedes Water Displacement Science Experiment. Get the lesson details from Line Upon Learning.

What Floats in a Moat? is another fun read to explore the concept of density. Try a simple sink or float experiment and learn more about density in the D is for Density post – part of the A to Z Science series for toddlers and preschoolers at Inspiration Laboratories.

Explore color mixing and fizzy reactions with the Fizzy Color Mixing Experiment inspired by Dr. Seuss’s My Many Colored Days from Inspiration Laboratories.

Shiny Penny Science inspired by Benny’s Pennies from To Be a Kid Again

Why do fruit and vegetables get soft when cooked? inspired by Pretend Soup from Mama Smiles

Hand Washing Science Experiment inspired by Germs!: An Epic Tale on a Tiny Scale! from Schooling a Monkey

Making Butter inspired by the Little House in the Big Woods from Better than Homework

More Kitchen Science Ideas

Conduct your science in the sink with this frozen vinegar and baking soda experiment from Finding the Golden Gleam or explore mixtures and solutions with edible ingredients. Read Ada Twist Scientist before doing these kitchen explorations to get your kids curiosity piqued and creativity flowing.

Use food to make models of science concepts. Make edible sedimentary rocks or try these edible igneous rocks to learn about how rocks form over at Rainy Day Mum. A Rock is Lively would pair wonderfully with these activities.

Take a simple recipe and make changes in to see what happens. Experiment with making a cake in the microwave or try your hand at designing a hot chocolate science experiment. Whopper Cake is a fun read about a cake making experience gone wrong.

The kitchen is a great place for parent led science demonstrations. Explore melting while making candles with ice in this demo from Crayon Freckles. Try this fire safety experiment from Mama Smiles to learn about how fire needs oxygen. Read Flashing Fire Engines to learn more about firefighters. (The board book will be released in October 2017. The paperback is available now.)

Experiment with apples to see what makes them turn brown in this activity from Kitchen Counter Chronicles. Read The Season’s of Arnold’s Apple Tree to learn more about how apple trees change over the year.

Science Sparks has a whole collection of egg science experiments. Read Egg: Nature’s Perfect Package to learn about different animals that hatch from eggs.

More Science Ideas Paired with Books