Engineering Challenges Inspired by Children’s Books

The second theme of the Storybook Science series is all about engineering. A variety of bloggers shared engineering challenges inspired by children’s books. You will just love them. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. Click on the picture of the book.

Read a book and then try one of these 10 engineering challenges.

Engineering Challenges Inspired by Children’s Books

Be inspired by Percy Jackson and the Olympians to Design and Build a Greek Temple. Planet Smarty Pants wows us with their construction using MagnaTiles.

Create a super cool design challenge for kids with the Three Little Pigs inspired by The Three Little Pigs: An Architectural Tale from Mama Smiles.

Build a car with tinker toys after reading If I Built a Car. Bambini Travel has the tinkering details.

Can You Build a Genius Light? Try this fun electronics project EEME sent us. It’s a great introduction for kids. We read Night Lights and Now and Ben to go along with the project.

Build a Bridge for 21 Elephants after reading Twenty-One Elephants and Still Standing about the Brooklyn Bridge. Playground Parkbench shows off the awesome idea.

Get out the superhero LEGO set and build a LEGO Rubber Band Car inspired by 5 Minute Batman Stories. This is a great example of how comic books can inspire science learning, too! Little Bins for Little Hands shares the instructions.

Line Upon Learning uses Robot Robbery to discuss what a robot can and can’t do. They also built their own robot car. This combo is such a fun way to understand robots.

Left Brain Craft Brain was inspired by Iggy Peck, Architect to compile a fantastic list of 100 Invitations to Build. Download the free printable list.

Share it! Science poses a Design a Seed Engineering Challenge inspired by The Dandelion Seed. Can you design a model of a seed that flies in the wind? There are 3 challenges total.

Build a Lemon Battery sponsored by Green Works inspired and by Girls Think of Everything. Inspiration Laboratories shares the experiment details.

Do you have any engineering challenges that go along with a book? Tell us about it in the comments!

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