Earth and Space Science Activities Inspired by a Book

The third theme of the Storybook Science series is Earth and space science. A variety of bloggers shared Earth science and space science activities inspired by children’s books. You’ll find ideas about volcanoes, the moon, rockets, soil, rocks, clouds and more! Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. Click on the picture of the book.

You'll love these Earth and space science activities based on children's books. You’ll find ideas about volcanoes, the moon, rockets, soil, rocks, clouds and more!

Earth and Space Science Activities Inspired by a Book

Space Science Activities

After reading Kitten’s First Full Moon, do this Moon Activity for Kids from Mama Smiles. It’s a great exercise in imagination and a wonderful springboard to further learning about the moon and space.

Make your own Cardboard Space Rocket and read The Astronaut Instruction Manual. Nerdy Mama shows off their out of this world creation.

JDaniel4’s Mom was inspired by Willoughby and the Moon to experiment with a moon buggy. How do different objects affect the tracks made by the moon buggy?

Read How to Catch a Star and then have fun exploring reflections. Can you really catch a star? Play & Learn Every Day has the details.

Earth Science Activities

Learn more about dirt by reading Dirt: The Scoop on Soil and making sediment jars. Explore layers that are found in the soil.

What adventures has your pebble had? The Pebble in My Pocket follows the adventures of a simple pebble through time. Head over to Peakle Pie and check out all of their great adventures with the pebble in my pocket. 

Learn about different types of clouds after reading The Cloud Book. Kelly’s Classroom has a fun activity for kids to try.

You Wouldn’t Want to Live in Pompeii is an awesome story that puts you in the center of the event. Have fun erupting Mount Vesuvius of your own with this super cool way of combining history and science from Creative Family Fun.

This erosion experiment from Inspiration Laboratories looks at different types of erosion: wind, water, and glacial. Do you know which one formed the Grand Canyon? Do the experiment after reading about a girl’s trek In the Canyon.

Do you have any Earth or space science ideas that go along with a book? Tell us about it in the comments!

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