Apple Books and Apple Science Activities

I love connecting books with science. This post includes non-fiction apple books as well as picture books including apples. Using fictional stories helps children get interested in the topic and more excited to learn the science behind it. Choose some books to read and then try out some apple science activities. Amazon affiliate links are included in this post. Click on the picture or title of the book.

Apple Science Activities and Books Suggestions for Kids

Apple Books


Apples by Gail Gibbons is a great resource for learning all about apples. Gail Gibbons is known for wonderfully detailed non-fiction picture books. While reading this book, you will learn about different types of apples, the history of apples, uses for apples, and how to plant an apple tree. There is also a section on how a cider press works, and a recipe for apple pie is included as well.


The Apple Orchard Riddle by Margaret McNamara is the story of a field trip to an apple orchard. The children’s teacher poses a riddle to the class: can you find a little red house with no windows and no doors with a star inside? The students keep the riddle in mind as they learn about apple harvesting and cider making at the orchard. Cut an apple in half and you’ll find a star in the middle, too.

The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons is the story of a boy and his apple tree. Through the book, you’ll follow Arnold through the changing seasons as he collects apple blossoms in spring, builds a tree house in summer, makes apple pie and cider in the fall, and hangs strings of popcorn and berries for the birds in winter.

Pinkalicious: Apples, Apples, Apples! by Victoria Kann is the newest book in the Pinkalicious series. I find the Pinkalicious books a bit silly, but my kids love them. As this book has just come out today, I have not read it all – only the sample. The publisher provides this information: “Pinkalicious and the Pinkertons are all excited when they return from their trip to the orchard with lots of Pink Lady apples to munch on! After realizing they have more apples than the family could possibly use, Pinkalicious finds ways to share the apples with others.”

Ten Apples Up On Top! by Dr. Seuss writing as Theo. LeSieg. When you think about fictional books about apples, this story has to make your list. It’s a classic beginning reader that everyone loves. How many apples can you balance on your head?

Apple Science Activities

Try this apple tree investigation from Inspiration Laboratories and discover if your apples are ripe.

Learn about seasons by exploring apple trees throughout the year. This post from Inspiration Laboratories is inspired by The Seasons of Arnold’s Apple Tree by Gail Gibbons.

Model the changing seasons with LEGO. Science Sparks has the instructions for this lovely idea.

Test methods for keeping apples from turning brown in this apple science experiment from Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

Conduct this apple science experiment from Coffee Cups and Crayons and explore what happens when we add acids and bases to apples.

Explore the inside of an apple with the apple booklet from Buggy and Buddy.

Do some apple taste testing and use the Exploring Apples worksheet from Gift of Curiosity.

Learn about the importance of hand washing with this growing germs on apples experiment from Playdough to Plato.

Make applesauce in the slow cooker with this recipe from Creative Family Fun.

Check out this collection of apple STEM activities from Little Bins for Little Hands. Lots of great science and engineering ideas in this post.

What are your favorite books about apples? What apple science activities have you tried?

Apple Science Activities and Books Suggestions for Kids